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Cost Analysis of Portable Power Station


Cost analysis of portable power station

The cost of manufacturing a 300-watt portable power station, As a senior manufacturer in the industry, let’s talk about the cost of portable power stations. I believe it is also a concern for most consumers. The cost of portable power stations is mainly composed of three parts. The first part is the cost of the battery and the second part is the PCB. The cost of the board inverter + DC control board, the third part is the cost of the housing kit, which is mainly composed of these major components.

1. Composition of battery cost
Most portable power stations currently on the market use a single 18650 lithium-ion battery (3.6V 2500MAH) with a capacity of 2500MAH. For example, a 300W portable power station uses 3 strings and 10 parallel (75000MAH 10.8V/25AH 270WH), 4 strings and 8 parallel (80000MAH 14.4V/20AH 288WH), and the current cost of a single cell is RMB 7.2. Take 4 strings and 8 parallels as an example: the cost of the battery is 7.2*32=230.4 yuan, which is only the cost of purchasing a single battery, and the cost of processing into a battery pack also requires bracket + nickel tape + wire + protection board BMS. The cost of this part is about 80 yuan, so the 288WH battery of the 300W portable power station is 310 yuan, which is equivalent to 49 US dollars.

2.Inverter + DC control board cost
For example, a portable power station with a power of 300 watts uses a full-bridge digital inverter, and the component cost + processing fee is 180 yuan (note: this price is for the use of certified imported components), and the DC control board contains 2-4 USB port + a Type_c port, PD60W, flashlight, DC cigarette lighter port 5521 12V10A output configuration board, the cost is about 160, the total cost is 340 yuan, equivalent to 54 US dollars.

3. Shell kit + assembly test cost
The cost of the aluminum alloy shell + plastic kit is 140 RMB, and the assembly requires auxiliary materials such as fans, wires, screws, etc. The cost is 40 RMB, a complete portable power station needs to be tested for aging, the processing cost is 60 RMB, and the packaging fee includes the adapter cost of the power supply and car charging source needs 60 RMB, and the outer packaging material fee is 20 RMB. The total cost required is 320 RMB, which is equivalent to US$50.

Combining the above cost analysis and statistics, the battery cost is 310 yuan, equivalent to US$49, PCBA cost is 340 yuan, equivalent to US$54, housing kit + assembly cost is 320 yuan, equivalent to US$50, so the cost of producing a 300W portable power station It needs 970 yuan, equivalent to US$152. The current selling price of Amazon’s 288WH capacity segment is 200-259 US dollars. It can be seen that the profit margin is quite low. There will be some parameters such as head freight, customs fees, Amazon storage fees, and platform commissions. Costs, operating management fees, advertising fees, etc., so the 300W portable power station you bought is quite affordable. I also hope that more industry reviewers will discuss and exchange together.

Hope the above analysis will help you to buy a 300-watt portable power station.