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How Does A Portable Power Station Work?


Features Of The Portable Power Station?

Clean energy can be renewable
Small size, large capacity, lightweight.
Multiple Charging Methods
A variety of intelligent protection control
Strong load compatibility
Faster Charging

What Is A Portable Power Station?
Portable power stations are generators powered by rechargeable batteries. They support car charging, solar charging, utility charging, diesel generator charging, and are equipped with AC outlets, DC ports, USB charging ports, and Type_c ports. They can be used for smartphones and laptops. Computers to CPAP and household appliances such as electric drills, electric grills, and coffee machines.

The portable power station is a lithium-ion battery DC inverter into AC 220V/110V, 50HZ/60H output, which provides load capacity for household appliances. The portable power station is also equipped with a DC output port, such as a cigarette lighter socket 12V10A, which can provide a DC electric blanket, Car refrigerator, electric rice cooker, the USB port that can charge mobile phones, tablet computers, audio, small digital equipment, TYPE-C interface PD60W. Generally, you can charge Apple notebooks, Huawei notebooks, Xiaomi notebooks, and Microsoft notebooks.

How Does A Portable Power Station Work?
There are 4 charging methods for the portable power station body, which support solar card, mains adapter charging, TYPE-C charging, and diesel generator charging.

The portable power station is managed by a lithium battery BMS management system, which monitors the safety factor of battery charging and discharging. The inverter boosts 16.8V DC to 110V AC and outputs the same pure sine wave waveform as the mains in the modulation waveform, which is suitable for high Precision load equipment works.

As an industry with 8 years of design experience and manufacturing experience, we have a complete range of portable power station solutions to choose from to solve the problems caused by your off-grid life. The next issue will continue to explain the core issues of portable power stations in the industry and what users are most concerned about. problem.